School Captains' Welcome

At Rossall we are very lucky to have two wonderful School Captains. We are incredibly proud of both for their hard work and contribution to the School. Here in their own words they let you know about their experience of life at Rossall.


I’m Sophia and one of the two School Captains this year. I joined Rossall last year, at the start of Sixth Form and I’m studying Biology, Psychology, Maths and PE. My goal is to attend Cambridge university and I am also considering Ivy league universities in America. The Sixth form team has been so supportive in making this possible including countless meetings with Mr Crombie, the Director of Sixth Form, who has supported me with finalising my personal statement. 

If I can give you a piece of advice that I feel strongly about, it is do what you love as much as possible, for me that is sport as well as spending practically every evening with my friends in the common rooms, walking around campus or my personal favourite, visiting the goats at Rossall’s own farm.

The ISFA Football National Finals last year has to be one of the best football matches I’ve played (even topping playing against English colleges at St George’s park or Manchester City away in the FA cup.) The wealth of support the school gave us, clapping us out of the canteen, and so many students and staff making the 8 hour round trip to celebrate the victory with us is what makes Rossall so special to me. 

Being a boarder is such a rewarding experience and is a great way to fully immerse yourself into the community. Starting with the residential during the first weekend where everyone bands together and the competitive House spirit is really instilled in all the new students through adventure activities or singing our house song around the campfire whilst roasting marshmallows. 

The Rossall community is incredibly diverse and being part of it is such an enriching experience. The people I’ve met here are so wholesome and caring and I feel a sense of effortless comfort in being my true authentic self. This supports the Sixth Form ethos of becoming a better human every day which everyone strives for. I think it’s hard to explain how much I have developed as an individual in such a short period of time, but I’m in a much better position now to face challenges the world has to offer than ever before. 

Rossall is home to students and their families from all walks of life and coming from a working family and being given the opportunity to study on such a beautiful campus through scholarship has been a life changing opportunity. My dad has recently left the army after 24 years of service and my mum is working in customer service. I have grown up with common values of hard work and perseverance which Rossall has consistently reinforced. Rossall has made it clear that anything is possible through dedication and a willingness to make it happen no matter how many different ambitions I have. 

Hello, my name is Emelia and I am one of the School Captains for this academic year, as well as the Deputy House Captain of Wren. I have been at Rossall for 7 years and I’m currently studying A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology.

My Rossall experience started when I was 11 years old and since then I have been exposed to a wide range of opportunities I wouldn’t have received if I hadn’t decided to come to Rossall, such as taking astronomy GCSE and having access to our unique planetarium. Additionally, trips to places like the Isle of Man in year 7 where we did team building activities and went in the ocean and abseiled at the Venture Centre. Hockey fixtures on Saturday mornings, CCF camps in year 9, GCSE Geography trip in year 10, as well as Cabaret and Valentine’s Day ball in year 11. These are all memories I will carry with me for the rest of my life. 

As a day student, I still get to experience everything that is open to the boarding community such as going on House residentials, spending free time in the common rooms and participating in House competitions such as House Football, House Singing and House Debating. This allows me to meet new people from all around the world and learn about their individual cultures and traditions.

However, the diversity within Rossall doesn’t stop at its cultures but also includes the variety of interests, passions and future aspirations of the students who study here. This means I am constantly surrounded by amazing and inspiring people, regardless of the many differences between each person.

There is so much we could tell you about Rossall, but we wanted to let our friends, teachers and fellow Rossallians tell you what makes Rossall more than a school.  

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