School Captains' Welcome

At Rossall we are very lucky to have two wonderful School Captains. We are incredibly proud of both Marie and Samuel for their hard work and contribution to the School. Here in their own words they let you know about their experience of life at Rossall.


Hello, my name is Marie and I am one of the School Captains here at Rossall School.

I’m really happy to be here with the marvellous buildings, our beach and all the fantastic teachers. More than all of this Rossall is a community of people working together to create something very special.

When I joined Rossall School in December 2019 the original plan was to stay for just one term as I am originally from Germany. I just wanted to experience a little bit of life at a UK school. That plan changed very quickly because I enjoyed being at Rossall so much. I was determined to come back and complete my Sixth Form here, so that’s exactly what I did!

The reason I wanted to come back is because Rossall is more than a school. The atmosphere is fantastic, with so many opportunities on offer, all thanks to the inspiring people and outstanding support of teachers. For me it is a real joy to be a boarder and go to school here.

The academic side of Rossall is a vital part of what makes it such a great school. I was able to pick up new subjects in Year 11 that I am now studying as part of my IB. Whatever you are interested in you’ll find activities, lectures and lessons that will give you new knowledge and most importantly new ideas.

Speaking of activities, you can get involved with so much to do:

  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Drama
  • Piano
  • Choir
  • Music
  • Art

Every Thursday there is a 45 minute session where we get to do activities that serve the community. This can be looking after the environment or working with the outreach team, helping organise the archives, or restoring our historic tram carriage.

Whatever you choose to do you’ll be part of an international school community that broadens your horizons. There are people here from all over the world and this diversity brings so much to the school.As a boarder I live on site and enjoy the friendly atmosphere that is supported by our amazing houseparent who really looks after and care for everyone in the house.

The teachers here at Rossall are incredible, they go to great lengths in order to help us achieve our goals. Outside of our lessons we are offered extra-curricular support and clubs so we always have opportunities to learn and improve.

This support extends to submitting our UCAs applications. It was a great moment when I submitted my application, one that was made possible by the support my teachers gave me. When I came into Year 12, I had no clear idea of what course I wanted to study. I knew only the most general idea, that I wanted to go to university in the UK. 

I sat down with my English teacher and talked through my options, together we found a course that interested me. So now I have applied to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics at multiple universities. It really is the spirit of Rossall to be ambitious and to give things a try.

I wasn’t just giving it a go by myself, I had help from teachers in subjects that I don’t even study at Rossall, like economics. These teachers included me in activities like the economics club which is designed for Year 12 students who want to study economics at university. So without even studying any of the subjects teachers were offering their time after school to prepare me. Thanks to supervision from my Tutor and Head of Year, suddenly the process of writing a personal statement was not so daunting anymore. Now I know that however things work out I know I will have tried my best.

Here at Rossall the overall experience is amazing thanks to the inclusivity and friendship I have found here. The level of consideration and care shown by teachers, students and Houseparents is incredible. Everyone wants us to succeed and does everything they can to help us get where we want to be.

There is so much more to Rossall and I hope that you can visit us to find out what makes us so special.

Hello, my name is Samuel, I joined Rossall School in nursery at the age of 3 and am proud to be one of the School Captains for the 2021-22 academic year.

At first, Rossall seemed so big and daunting however, by the end of my first day, I had made a number of new friends, many of whom, fifteen years later, are also preparing to soon walk under the archway for the final time as Rossallians. Due to the interconnectedness of the community, I still regularly see many of my infant and junior school teachers, as I reminisce about my time lower down the school, from windy away sports fixtures, to trips to theatre productions, to the legendary ‘Condon Challenge’, my memories of the junior school will always be very important to me and have helped to forge me into the Rossallian I am today.

The journey from year 6 to year 7 brought more lessons, more friendships and more opportunities. As a keen musician, with Year 7 came the chance to join the chapel choir with which I have travelled on tour all over the world. From Texas in my first year, to Rome, to singing a solo as part of choral evensong in Westminster Abbey. I absolutely recommend it!

Music is a major part of the school community, with a vast array of ensembles and choirs, for every type of musician. More recently, as part of the process of becoming an All-Steinway School, I was so pleased when asked to travel to London with other pianists to help choose our Concert Grand Piano from Steinway Hall, even having the chance to have a masterclass from world renowned pianist, Martin Roscoe.

As well as my involvement in music, I have particularly relished the opportunity to represent the school on the sports field from junior school all the way up to 1st team level. My participation in sport at Rossall has really helped me to strike a healthy balance between academics and extracurriculars, something integral to the rounded educational ethos of the school.

Whatever your passions, Rossall offers the support and opportunities to engage with it fully, whether it be on one of the sports fields, in the classroom or on the stage. Here at Rossall, there are no limits to exploring your existing interests as well as the possibilities to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. 

When the pandemic struck and schools worldwide were forced to close their doors, the speed and effectiveness with which Rossall initiated online school made for as positive and uninterrupted a learning experience as possible, particularly crucial for those of us in exam year groups. Furthermore, the introduction of Rossall Diploma exams was an extremely innovative decision which meant that, despite the cancellation of GCSEs, I felt I truly deserved my results.

In Sixth form, I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to board and immerse myself even further into the international culture of the school, which I have loved through being part of the school’s large boarding contingent and that of my particular boarding house, Mitre Fleur-de-lys. 

The numerous options at Sixth Form doing either a BTEC Diploma, A levels or the IB allows you to explore whatever subjects you enjoy most, giving you the opportunity to tailor your final two years. I have really enjoyed the IB diploma programme as not only has it nurtured a broad academic engagement but has given me the opportunity to work closely with students from all over the world, which together with boarding has allowed me to establish lasting friendships with people who live the world over.

The unwavering support of my teachers over the course of my time at Rossall has been something for which I am beyond thankful. When the daunting prospect of university applications finally arrived, the support and guidance extended by my teachers allowed me to navigate each stage of the process smoothly. The willingness of teachers to go well beyond the call of duty, as well as the infectious love of their subjects, makes the learning experience at Rossall so unique and rewarding. In particular, the organisation of additional lessons with my Latin teacher gave me the opportunity to delve ever deeper into Classics and even complete a GCSE in Ancient Greek off-timetable (and over zoom!). 

Rossall is a uniquely diverse, friendly and warm community thanks to the contribution of each and every member. The school has been such a big part of me for my most formative years, equipping me with tools and friendships that will last a lifetime. I hope we can welcome you soon to learn more about what Rossall could be for you.

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