Why it is so important for a school to encourage environmentalists?

We have around fifteen active members in our environmental group and we meet once a week. Each week we delegate set tasks to continue with until the following meeting. Our priority is to change our peer’s central beliefs on how they can live in a more sustainable and environmentally helpful way. For example we introduced a vegetarian day, to highlight to pupils and staff that meat is not a necessary component to every meal. We are currently planning a charity shop cat-walk in March to fight fast-fashion. It is our hope to open people’s eyes to the different options available to them.

Are other priorities include to set up a working recycling routine and to actively reduce the plastic around School.

The reason why it is so important for a school to encourage environmentalists now and into the future is because it normalises change and helps young people to realise, they can challenge flawed social norms. If an individual is trying to create a positive change, the school should harness that trait rather than suppress it because that can influence how the person will react to similar situations in the future.

By Deputy School Captain, Morgan Woodward