Summer Week 4 – Message from the Junior Headmaster

Dear Parents,

On a day where much of the country celebrates VE day, the end of Europe’s involvement in the Second World War, the Junior School has also celebrated through a wide variety of activities, lessons, and events. It is fair to say that the children have embraced the celebratory aspects of the day, despite having to do so remotely. 

The children continue to inspire us with their energetic and enthusiastic approach to their home learning. There is no doubt that they are missing their friends, school and dare I say it, their teachers, but they have been fantastic in sharing amazing work but also being honest when they are feeling low, worried or afraid. Acceptance of those feelings is helping both the staff and parents to better support them. For that, I applaud every child who has asked for help in one form or another.

We started this week with a ‘May the 4th’ Star Wars themed assembly, rallying our ‘forces’ in order to come together and display ‘resistance’ to all those aspects of our current situation that the children find most difficult. We end the week in a celebratory mood, knowing there will be a day of victory, a day where we can look back at the comparisons with the Second World War; having to stay inside, being scared for safety, and worrying about the future – all elements we share with our current predicament. We can and will get through this, and will feel proud of our actions and perseverance when we do. 

In the words of Dame Vera Lynn, ‘We’ll meet again’. We all look forward to that day.

Have a lovely weekend.
Mr Turner
Just a reminder to all our pupils far and wide – we will meet again. Stay safe and keep smiling!