Rossall CCF Army Camp 2022

The Army Camp this year was a great success, we had nearly 50% of the cadets attend. The cadets attended the camp at Altcar where they conducted a number of activities over the six days.

Gun Run, this is where the cadets move quickly with a small cannon on wheels and boxes of shells to future firing positions, reminiscent of olden days. It is a re-emerging competition activity in the Armed Forces and now the Cadet Force. It builds on physical fitness, discipline, teamwork and coordination and communication.

Obstacle Course, this is factored in as it teaches cadets how to move safely over obstacles, building on personal and group skills, working as a team and taking on challenges in a controlled manner whilst building physical and mental resilience. 

Two days shooting on the Range, cadets who attended all got the chance to fire live ammunition at targets up to 100 meters away. Prior to this all cadets attended lessons on how to safely use the weapon system and tested to ensure safe handling. 

Rossall cadets have been firing .22 ammunition in our indoor range on the school grounds, working on marksmanship principles which led to Rossall winning a shooting competition at summer camp. We are the HQNW Summer Camp Falling Plates Winning Team for 2022. 

Two days field craft, all of the cadets spent two days and one night on the training area. They practised patrolling skills, establishing a patrol harbour where they would conduct administration, cook, sleep and prepare for missions. 

Mr Quartermain visited the camp at Altcar to see the cadets in action, it was fantastic to have the headmaster there to see the development of our cadets and try some of the wonderful Army field rations.

We did have a small break where we shared some Birthday Cake and sang Happy Birthday to Kierra G for her 14th Birthday.

Later that day the cadets launched out of the patrol harbour before last light to conduct close target reconnaissance on an enemy position. This sealed their skills learnt during the day, operating at night requires focus, discipline, teamwork, courage, non-verbal communication and coordination including sticking to a plan and following orders.  They were all in their sleeping bags for midnight, very tired from a busy day!

The cadets learnt how to move effectively whilst either attacking an enemy position or withdrawing from the contact area, this demonstrated teamwork, control, communication, discipline and a sense of urgency. They learnt the important lessons of looking after their equipment and themselves whilst living outside for the two days. 

Administration, all cadets went through the procedures of returning equipment, ensuring it was clean and serviceable. They all had to clean their quarters where they stayed in Altcar camp and learned the processes of daily routine. 

It will have been a valuable experience for many of the cadets. I still remember my first cadet camp over 27 years ago when I was a 14 year old boy, I enjoyed the experience so much that I joined the Army at the earliest opportunity.

The contingent continues to grow, thank you to all who have supported us and facilitated the fantastic events we have delivered this year, the CCF only really works when our fantastic staff and volunteers commit and deliver these memorable events. Thank you.

Major Lee Magowan