Nursery, Pre-Prep and Prep School Newsletter – Summer Term 2021 – Week 12

This week’s newsletter for Rossall Nursery, Pre-Prep and Prep School.


Whoosh!!! Where has the year gone? This is our final newsletter entry! They say time flies when you’re having fun and this year has definitely been full of entertainment for your class teachers! You have given us so much pleasure and fulfilment each and every day, both in the classroom and out. 

Our trips to the beach in early September started the year off on the right foot, getting to know new members of the school and making close friendships that we know will last throughout Senior School. 

Our Thursday afternoon “Bake Off” sessions will be remembered for very different reasons, for Mr Condon the scones, pizzas and muffins that you kindly shared and for Mr Rund the clean-up mission that 6S left behind.
We are so proud of everything you’ve achieved this year and what a way to finish it off! Stoller was a stroll and the on-bus entertainment on route was fabulous; thanks, girls! 


What a fabulous way to end a memorable year!

On Wednesday Year 5 travelled to Stoller on the shores of the beautiful Lake Windermere. We had an incredible day full of laughter and adventure and we all thoroughly enjoyed it! 

I have been so incredibly fortunate to teach this group of children this year. They truly are an amazing class full of character, mischief and kindness. This has served them well in this most unusual of academic years. I am humbled by the resilience that they have shown time and time again throughout the year. Internet problems, tough mathematics taught on zoom, wearing masks during lessons, social distancing and me occasionally cutting them off on zoom calls to name but a few! They did not moan, they never gave up and wow, did they triumph! We have had an AWESOME year full of learning, laughter, kindness and so much fun. I will miss them all but I will watch them grow as they continue their exciting journey through our wonderful school. 

Keep being amazing Year 5!!

I will miss you!!


Well what a year this has been and what a week to end it!

I thought nothing could beat our Beach Party at the end of last week but how wrong was I? Our trip to Stoller was amazing! It was wonderful to see the children having so much fun, challenging themselves to try things outside of their comfort zone, and that might feel a bit scary, but then to see the pride on their faces when they had done it – absolutely priceless!

As many of you know this will be the last newsletter that I write as a Rossall teacher so I would like to take the opportunity to thank Year 4 for giving me the best year and one that I will look back on with very fond memories!

They are such a fun class to teach, yes – they can be a bit noisy at times (!) but their boundless energy, enthusiasm for learning and curiosity they show is what education and learning should all be about. I feel proud to have been their teacher this year – thank you Year 4!


WHAT A YEAR! It is amazing to think of the journey we have been on together in Year 3 and how far we have all come.

We’ve had a fantastic final week of the year, starting off with our Monday trip to Stoller which was a simply perfect day – out in the beauty of Windermere and doing fun activities on the water and in the woods together!

The rest of the week we have been finishing our units. We finished Zeraffa Giraffa by writing our own persuasive leaflets for the Jardin Des Plantes.

In Science, we created our own quizzes about Light and Shadow, and in our topic, we designed our own Ancient Egypt posters.

For Maths, we have reviewed and consolidated some of our learning from the whole year.

Year 3 you should be so proud of everything you have achieved this year. You are all superstars! I will miss you loads, have a wonderful time in Year 4 and have a fantastic summer holiday! 


A recount of our trip by Jude and Eryn in Year 2
When we arrived at school on Monday, we were excited to go to the Wild Boar Park. It was exciting on the coach because we were sitting next to our friends and chatting about the things that we spotted out of the window.

When we got there, we saw lots of animals. In the barn, there was an ostrich that had hurt his leg from fighting his brother. We were able to hold some fluffy chicks and the stripy, orphan piglets were huddled together to keep them warm whilst they slept. There was also a snowy owl who could not fly that was shrieking ‘hello’! We did ask Bob (our tour guide) how the snowy owl lived in a barn and not the snow as it was not called a barn owl? Confusing!

After the barn, we went to watch the meerkats eat their lunch. We learned that there is always a lookout meerkat whilst the others eat. The lookout meerkat on Monday was sat high up on a big log. We then went on the Wild Boar Walk. We saw lots of piglets, boarlets and asked super interesting questions about the animals and the environment that they live in.

After lunch, we went on a barrel ride pulled by a tractor. It was super fun and we even got to play in the park too! It was a brilliant day and we all loved it!


This week it was our turn to party at the beach. We enjoyed taking part in a quoit challenge, which Zach seemed to be the contender to beat with the highest score of 110 points. We built sandcastles and mini hot tubs. We all enjoyed a little paddle in the water, and managed to not get ourselves too wet! After all our activities we visited the dining hall for a refreshing ice lolly.

We also finished our Language work with a toy’s party. We wrote invitations, made party hats, and played musical chairs and musical bumps. What a fantastic end to our year!


This Summer Term we have been getting ready for sports days. It’s been a great way to round off the end of the school year with a few activities, some of which were fun while others were competitive.

This was a chance for children who have a passion for outdoor sports and team games to shine. We also divided children into their different houses to add a competitive team element, giving them the chance to score points for their house as well as gaining individual kudos.
It has been shown that physical education and sport is important to the development of children and young people. So why not celebrate achievements in PE by allowing our children to show off their skills during a sports day?

It’s good to play sports for health reasons, but there is so much more to it than that. Sports day for children has been proven to enhance mental and physical development, as well as social skills and even improvements in academic performance.

It also provides hands-on learning about the need to abide by the rules, teamwork, fair play and respect for others. They may see their favourite footballers diving for a penalty, fouling an opponent or pretending that they didn’t handle the ball in the area but they soon learn, through playing sports, that such actions are not fair and are not in the team’s best interests.

Children also learn how to cope in a competitive environment as well as learning all about winning and losing; these are important life skills to assimilate in preparation for the working environment. On sports day they were lucky enough to have spectators encouraging them on, whether other pupils or their parents.

Regardless of win or lose, as an individual or team, a big part of sports day is sitting outside (hopefully in the sunshine!) having fun with friends. Well done to all the Pre-Prep children, a super team spirit was shown and there were big smiles all around!

To see the pictures from Sports Day, please click here.


Ready to support England in their match against Denmark, the Nursery children set to work creating their interpretations of flags to take home, as well as giggling at their teachers as they tried to teach them football songs.

The Sandpipers children have taken a variety of different sized balls onto the fields and practised running, kicking, throwing and catching. It’s lovely to see the children developing friendships and learning about how to take turns with resources. It’s much more effective to wait your turn than to all kick the same ball at once.

Our enjoyment of physical-based play continued in the garden area where the children were excited to find our new climbing structure. Each child has had a turn pulling themselves up, assessing their risk and balance and making the decision of how high to go. Risk-based play is a fantastic way for children to develop their problem-solving skills and to build resilience. 

Sanderlings have enjoyed the sunshine at the end of this week. As we know, water play is a brilliant way to keep children cool whilst enjoying warm weather and our babies in Sanderlings most definitely approve. It was wonderful to hear their squeals of excitement as the practitioners drizzled water into the tubs from a height, whilst discovering the delight in splashing was the highlight for many! The practitioners set up water trays low to the ground, as well as at a standing height, to encourage the babies to pull themselves up to explore the water. However, some of our babies much preferred simply crawling into the water trays and sitting in the water to make big splashes!
It was an absolute pleasure to welcome back Old Rossallian, Josh Landmann (JS & SE 02-13) to Rossall this week, to give an inspirational talk to our Prep pupils about his Paralympic journey. Thank you so much for your time, Josh. Floreat Rossallia!


Batsman of the Year- Woody-Lee W
Bowler and Fielder of the Year- Isaac S
Most Improved Player- Joseph F

Big Hitter Award- Kacey W
All Round Player- Sophie C
Most Improved Player – Aarunima S