Outdoor Learning

Whilst Rossall beach can be quite unforgiving, in the warm sun yesterday, it offered an amazing PYP classroom for the Infant children during their outdoor education day. It was lovely to see the Reception aged children toasting marshmallows and eating fruit on the beach for their snack time. The children seemed to be in seventh heaven, playing with the sand, running around and dipping their toes in the ponds.

Taking the lessons onto the beach opens up a whole new world and environment in which the children can explore for themselves and find things that are real. As well as being outside in the fresh air and having oceans in their new classroom, they can think about the environment in which they live and have the freedom to learn. Not all people can absorb information and learn from books in the traditional teaching style, some find it easier to learn by having a more practical, hands-on approach and asking the questions – why? what? how?. The true extent of this learning experience in terms of educational, emotional and social benefits could never be measured, but through reflection of the events of this amazing day, their knowledge will be reinforced in true PYP style.