Introducing a new Sports Kit for September 2022

Rossall Sport is pleased to announce a new sports kit for September 2022. As our successes in sport continue to grow, we are bringing our games kit up to date with a smart new look. Below you will find information on the new kit items, the transition of kit and where you will be able to purchase our impressive new clothing.

This kit will be available to buy from 1st June 2022, though a small number of the items will still be on pre-order. The new kit will be worn from September 2022. All items can be purchased from SchoolBlazer alongside the School uniform.


Reversible House Games ShirtFrom £43.00Replaces alternate colour polos, reversible Rugby shirts, House Zephyrs
Navy Crested PoloFrom £19.50White polos discontinued. We recommend buying 2 polo shirts
Navy Crested Active JacketFrom £40.00Replaces the navy/red tracksuit jacket. Available as Rossall Prep and Rossall Sport
Navy Crested Training PantFrom £31.00Available in standard & performance fit – replaces the navy/red tracksuit pants
Navy Crested PE Short or SkortFrom £20.30A new cut of PE short. A Skort is not compulsory for games but may be required for Girls’ Hockey and Netball fixtures. We recommend buying two items.
Games bagFrom £38.00A new all navy design will replace the current design once the remaining stock is sold
Games SocksFrom £9.20Formerly the 1st team sock, the navy/red/white hooped sock becomes the standard games sock
PE SocksFrom £4.60White socks with navy/red hoops should be worn when shin-high games socks are not required
Trainers with white soles


Navy Crested MidlayerFrom £31.50This remains the same design


Base Layer LeggingsFrom £25.00Updated design features a Rose rather than the ‘Rossall’
Base Layer ShortsFrom £22.60Updated design features a Rose rather than the ‘Rossall’
Base Layer TopFrom £25.00Updated design features a Rose rather than the ‘Rossall’
Fitness LeggingsFrom £31.00New item recommended for wear in the gym, only Rossall leggings will be accepted
Athletics VestFrom £20.00For pupils participating in athletics
A red/white design
Navy 1-Piece Swim CostumeCompulsory for Prep School
For pupils participating in swimming in Senior School

Can be purchased from any supplier
Navy Swim JammersCompulsory for Prep School
For pupils participating in swimming in Senior School

Can be purchased from any supplier
Navy Swim TopOptional for Prep School
For pupils participating in swimming in Senior School

Can be purchased from any supplier
Printed Swim CapFrom £7.50Compulsory for Prep School
For pupils participating in swimming in Senior School

Remains the same
Cricket ShirtFrom £24.00For pupils participating in cricket
Remains the same, but available across all genders
Cricket TrousersFrom £24.00For pupils participating in cricket
Remains the same, but available across all genders
Long-Sleeved Cricket JumperFrom £32.25For pupils participating in cricket
Remains the same, but available across all genders
Astroturf trainersFor pupils participating in Hockey
Football boots with kitemark studsFor pupils participating in Football
Rugby boots with
kitemark studs
For pupils participating in Rugby


1st TeamsInstruction and supply by the Director of Sport
Golf AcademyCobra Puma kit – instruction and supply by the Director of Golf
Football ProgrammePuma kit – instruction and supply by the Director of Football


This new House shirt replaces three different games shirts, the white polos, House Zephyrs and reversible rugby shirt. Available from Year 3, or a 22” chest, these feature a red Games shirt on the exterior and the house coloured stripes of Preparatory houses Assheton, Clifton and Hesketh, and Senior houses Dolphin, Dragon, Maltese Cross, Mitre Fleur-de-Lys, Pelican, Rose, Spread Eagle, and Wren on the interior.

Pupils will be able to wear either side of these shirts for Games unless they are asked to play a team sport in a particular colour.

Preparatory School houses: Assheton, Clifton, Hesketh
Senior School & Sixth Form houses: Dolphin, Dragon, Maltese Cross (MC), Mitre Fleur-de-Lys (MF), Pelican, Rose, Spread Eagle (SE), Wren


The new active jacket provides better weather resistance than the previous tracksuit jacket, it also has a hood within the collar. For Preparatory School pupils the jackets proudly display ‘Rossall Prep’ on the back, for Senior School and Sixth Form ‘Rossall Sport’ is emblazoned on the back.

The active jacket may run a little small and choosing a size larger than you would usually wear is advised. Use the smart sizing tool on SchoolBlazer to be advised of the correct size based on your measurements.


Two styles of training pants will be available in the Senior School, a performance fit with tapered ankles and a standard fit. You may purchase the style you prefer.


Where do I buy the new Sports Kit?

The new kit is available from SchoolBlazer, meaning it can still be purchased at the same time as Uniform. Small quantities will be available in RosShop. There is more information below on buying from RosShop.

Those new to Rossall will need to make an account with SchoolBlazer and input your child’s measurements. A printable tape measure can be found here and a guide to measuring your child here. When you click to enter your measurements there is also a video guide to measuring.

A full list of SchoolBlazer FAQs can be found here.

Do I have to buy the new kit straight away?

While only SchoolBlazer kit is acceptable for sport from September 2022, returning students will have the whole 2022-2023 School year to transition into the new kit. From September 2023, only this kit will be accepted as uniform. Pupils entering Year 6 will be able to purchase a Rossall Sport Active Jacket from RosShop if they wish to buy before Summer 2023 instead of the suggested Rossall Prep jacket.

When is the best time to buy the kit?

Summer is a very busy time for SchoolBlazer. It is advised you buy your uniform early in the summer. Free UK postage and packaging will be available from 4th -17th July, making this the best time to shop. SchoolBlazers’ returns policy is 120 meaning you can still exchange your item if you found the items did not fit by the start of the term.

I do not live in the UK, do I have to get my kit shipped to my country to bring it in my suitcase?

SchoolBlazer offers delivery to Rossall School, and we will store your parcel until you arrive when it will be delivered to your boarding house.
Please address your delivery as follows:

Is this kit more expensive?

Every effort has been made to keep costs similar, the Reversible House shirts, for example, replace three other shirts. Some items that were once listed as compulsory are now recommended or optional, allowing those that play less sport, or prefer particular kinds of clothing, to only purchase the core kit. However, supply and manufacturing costs have risen for almost all products globally so you will notice some rises in costs across our SchoolBlazer range.

SchoolBlazer has announced an upcoming inflation rise in prices (prices above may change). They will still be offering free shipping for two weeks in July, free shipping year-round on orders over £150, and free sewing of name labels. Their new price increase comes in lower than the inflation percentage.

What do I do with my old kit?

Unfortunately, RosShop will not be able to accept any of the old kit on the ‘New to You’ scheme. However, we will have a recycling drop-off point outside of RosShop from mid-June, and throughout the next school year, for good quality old kits that we will donate to a charity that repurposes uniforms around the world.

What will the kit for Pre-Prep be?

The new active jackets and training pants will replace the old, striped tracksuit. The shorts and polo will remain the same in Pre-Prep. Reversible House shirts are not required in Pre-Prep.

Can I buy kit and uniform at School?

RosShop, our on-campus shop, keeps a try-on size for all blazers, and will do the same with Active Jackets. You can make an appointment to visit RosShop over summer if you wish to try anything on or get assistance with the items you need to order. Zoom appointments will also be available.

You should purchase your uniform and kit before arriving at Rossall, if you need help with this, please contact RosShop. We encourage purchases from SchoolBlazer and can assist you if you are finding this difficult.

Are there any changes to School uniform?

There are no major changes to School uniform.

Sixth Form will be able to wear a larger variety of colours for shirts and jumpers.

The full uniform list can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding the new sports kit, please contact RosShop by email, [email protected]