Junior School Newsletter – Michaelmas Week 6

This week’s newsletter for Rossall Junior School and Nursery.


Our science investigation into how light travels, led Year 6 to carry out an amazing light show to match the Blackpool Illuminations! The children used their CD collection to divert light to hit a target and thoroughly enjoyed the experiments, particularly reflecting the light beams into their teachers’ eyes!

hey then wanted to use their learning to make their own periscopes which connected perfectly with our World War 2 lesson on German submarines. It’s been enlightening; however Mr Rund’s desperate to locate his missing ‘Best of Kylie’ CD!


What a relief! Annie has survived her adventure and has gone over Niagara Falls in her custom made barrel. The journey was a tumultuous ride and she has emerged shaken and stirred. The children have completed some excellent writing about Annie’s thoughts and feelings before, during and after her ordeal.

The weather brightened in time for the children to venture outside onto the beautiful campus to enjoy a selection of activities on Tuesday for Rossall Rotation.

The children have enjoyed creating Totem Poles as part of their Topic work. They have researched their own tribes in great detail and have produced posters and booklets rich in fascinating information. We are all looking forward to hearing the presentations next week.


Food has been on our minds in Year 4 this week! In our class PE lesson, we worked in groups to act out the digestive system showing what happens when we eat!

In Science, we have been thinking about different animals and what they eat and whether they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores! In English, we have been practising writing dialogue and have been creating speech sandwiches! We have certainly had a busy week!


This week in Year 3 we are learning about letter writing to end our unit on the book Seal Surfer. As part of our science Keeping Healthy unit, we were very lucky to have personal trainer Gemma Shaw from C Shaw Wellbeing who ran a brilliant workshop about Health, Fitness and Nutrition. It was a great consolidation of everything we’ve been learning about healthy living! 

For more information about C Shaw Wellbeing, visit: www.cshawwellbeing.com 


This week in Year 1, we have been thinking about how we can help the lost penguin get back to the South Pole. Mrs Roberts was very impressed with the effort the children put into making their own model boats and a big thank you to the parents for their help with this.

We tested the boats using a checklist of what makes a good boat created by the class. We almost needed our own boat to get through the rainstorm on Tuesday. We have also written descriptions of the storm that the boy and the penguin sail through to eventually reach the South Pole.

In Maths, we have been ordering numbers, using ordinal numbers and finding numbers greater and less than a given number.

In Science, we have been learning about different animal groups and sorting them into the correct group. We were surprised to learn that a whale is actually a mammal and not a fish.

Year 2 have had a very busy week learning! In Maths, we have started our addition and subtraction unit and in Language we have been inferring characters thoughts and feelings in our book ‘Troll Swap’.

In Science this week, we have been investigating absorbency. We went on an investigative walk, looking at our environment and how different stones and bricks feel. Back in the classroom, we discussed if we thought bricks were absorbent and did lots of linking with our Homes topic. We then investigated our hypothesis ‘hard materials cannot absorb water’. We worked collaboratively to complete our investigations and wrote some interesting, scientific conclusions.


This week we have certainly had lots of opportunities to play out in the rain! Playing in the rain is great for children. So, when the sky turns and droplets start to fall we do not stay indoors, we let them enjoy the experience and continue playing out in the rain.

Of course, we’re not suggesting we let them get soaked and poorly as a result! If it’s really coming down or if there’s a bitter storm, it’s better to keep playtime indoors. But, a little light rain and some playing in the wet can actually be really good for children’s physical and mental development.

Letting children respond to the rain and nature helps them to understand what is and isn’t safe. They get an understanding of the difference between a light drizzle and a torrential thunderstorm. Children will experience for themselves how slippery a wet surface can be, and how rain changes how well they can see.   

Moving about on wet surfaces takes more concentration, strength and agility. As children play in the rain, their developing bodies and are able to grow more confident in their movements. A wet day and a dry day have very different sounds, smells and sights. Keeping children inside when it’s raining limits their experience of the world. There’s so much joy to be had listening to the splash a puddle makes when it’s jumped in. New wildlife comes out in the rain for children to see, and things smell and feel different when it’s raining. Engaging the senses is so important, that’s why we offer lots of sand and water playground equipment.

Being out in the rain also teaches them a little individual responsibility. They’ll learn to move items that might get ruined in the rain somewhere dry, and discover the importance of hanging wet clothes to dry. 
So, don’t keep children cooped up inside just because there’s a little rain. Get the wellies on and head out for some active play, like we do! 


Autumn is well and truly here!

The children have loved hunting for all the changes Autumn has caused. Preschool have been encouraged to look at ways our environment is changing, noticing “the leaves are all crunchy..” along with, “it’s colder now, I have brought my hat today!” They have also enjoyed painting portraits of Autumn leaves and a variety of pumpkins, mixing and exploring the colours they need.

Sandpipers have been looking for Autumn colours in their environment and comparing sizes of fallen leaves. We have also collected fallen leaves, conkers and pine cones to add to our small world area. 

In the baby room, our Sanderlings have joined in Autumn walks and have loved crawling through the crunchy leaves, exploring the texture and having lots of giggles. We have incorporated Autumn resources into our sensory play and our outdoor area. Learning about our environment helps us to ‘think big’ and wonder all about ‘how’ and ‘why’, leading to fantastic conversation and understanding. What a lovely week we have had!


Congratulations to this week’s award winners:

Reception – Junior for his super drawing and painting skills, Harry for trying really hard with his letter sounds, and Valencia received the kindness award for being a kind and helpful friend.

Year 1 – Aadhritt received a certificate of achievement for excellent reading and writing, Emma for sharing her knowledge about Antarctica and Stanley received the kindness award.

Year 2 – Aaron for improvement in his handwriting, Archie for determination in phonics, and Lara received the kindness award for being considerate of other people’s feelings.

Year 3 – Hollie for her great attitude and always trying her best, Alfie for improvements in his writing, and Mia received the kindness award.

Year 4 – Joey and Jessica for being amazing communicators and Molly received the kindness award.

Year 5 – Vivian and Harry for excellent research and presentation skills in our Topic.

Year 6 – Aarunima for Outstanding Creative Writing, Dexter for Enthusiasm and Interest in Topic Work and Science, Ollie received the Kindness and Friendship award, Evie for Extraordinary Effort, and Naomi for creative writing.


The children have been learning about WW2 as part of peace and conflict. They found out about how people were conscripted, learnt how to march, shoot and completed an assault course. Developing their teamwork, communication skills and learning about safety and responsibility.

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Year 5 and 6 children made up for lost time in the summer by playing cricket at Sports Club this week- It was a big hit for everyone!


Forthcoming Virtual Parent Evenings 3rd and 5th November – further information to follow.

The Junior House Cross Country Years 3-6 will take place on Friday, 16th October at 2pm. 

For more pictures from this week, please click here.