Junior School Newsletter – Michaelmas Week 7

This week’s newsletter for Rossall Junior School and Nursery.


The officers from the CCF made the conscription day experience one that the Year 6 children will never forget. The activities of marching, shooting and completing an assault course got them communicating, thinking about safety, and working well as members of a team. Not only did the children learn an incredible amount over the course of the afternoon, they thoroughly enjoyed it too. So much so, they have are eagerly awaiting their recruitment in Year 8.

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Year 5 are thrilled to report that Annie is content! She has made peace with her situation and is happily chatting to people about her life in Niagara Park. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning about this remarkable lady. Rossall Rotation was once again enjoyed by everyone, the theme for this week was ‘Teamwork’. The children were tasked with crossing ‘The Swamp’ using ever decreasing hoops, without leaving a teammate behind. Heads were scratched and animated discussions were held. I am pleased to report that we were successful in our efforts! The children have thoroughly enjoyed researching famous waterfalls around the world and they have worked hard to produce some super posters. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Year 5 who remain undefeated in the TT Rockstar battles! A truly monumental effort by the class. As a class, we have all worked incredibly hard this term and I could not be prouder of Year 5!


Wow – where has the last 6 weeks gone? We have been so busy that time really has flown! We have been busy bringing our work to a close this week. We’ve written our own animal story based on ‘Gorilla’ the book we have been using to help develop our writing, we’ve played ‘Wolf Quest’ to finish off our Science work about food chains and have created fact files of different primates from around the world to complete our topic ‘Monkey Business’! The new Year 4 have done brilliantly – I hope they enjoy their break and come back ready for lots more learning! Happy Holidays!


This week we have been wrapping up lots of our units. The year 3 students have been enjoying the end of our Water Water Everywhere topic about coasts by making their own coast posters, filled with interesting information about what they’ve learned.


In Maths this week, we have been adding to 100 and we have started to use the  formal method of column addition and subtraction to help us with our sums. In Topic, we have been learning about different homes around the world and why the climate affects the way we build our houses and the types of houses we live in. 

The most exciting part of the week however, was our trip to the beach on Tuesday afternoon. We worked collaboratively to create beach art linked with our topic and loved finding different natural items we could use to help create our masterpieces!


In Year 1 this week, we have planned and written our own stories based on the story we have been reading in our language lessons. All the work we have been doing in our lessons has been building up to being able to create our own version of ‘Lost and Found’. We have lost jaguars, sloths, tigers, chickens and lions, just to name a few. We have travelled in jeeps, rockets, airplanes and boats to places far away and others a bit closer to home.

In Topic, we have made predictions and investigated objects that sink and float. We were surprised at what we observed. In Maths, we have been using the part-whole model to understand more about number bonds and different ways of making a number. We are all looking forward to taking part in the House Cross Country on Friday and having a well-earned rest over the half term holidays.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed this term’s ‘Pathways to Write’ book – ‘The Naughty Bus’. The children have worked hard within this unit and have developed their vocabulary, reading and writing skills. From mischievous activities happening in the classroom to delving in baked beans to find hidden words and pictures, the children have loved and responded well to each and every activity.

Within the unit, there have been age-related skills for children to work on and master through a variety of activities and writing opportunities. It has been lovely to see the progress made in such a short time, seeing the children enjoy talking about what they have been doing and learning to record their ideas and thoughts.


This week starts the introduction of our new daily activities that we will be doing each week alongside all the other wonderful things we do.

Move it Monday – The children will take part in various forms of exercise. This week the children enjoyed a HIIT training session whilst focusing on the change of the beating of their hearts.

Magnifico Martes- Mrs Farrell will teach the children new Spanish words each week. This week they learnt hello, goodbye, my name is and how are you? A video is sent via our nursery app so you can practise at home.

Wellbeing Wednesday- This is a time to relax and wind down and breathe. This week we will be learning some new Yoga positions and relaxing with our journey through the forest.

Theatrical Thursday- Children will have a chance to express themselves through song, movement, drama and music. This week, the children will use ballet positions to recognise numbers and move to a variety of music.

Fresh Air Friday- This is a chance for the children to learn about the world around them. This week the children will be looking at the changes in the seasons and the effect it has on the plants and tallying up objects they find on the way.

The babies also enjoyed exploring autumn inside and outside. They have enjoyed the autumn tuff tray, feeling the textures, crunching them in their hands and throwing them in the air. The younger children have had fun reaching up for objects that Mrs Taylor has hung down for them to touch and reach. 


Congratulations to this week’s award winners:

Reception – Beau for confidently sorting a variety of objects using different criteria. Rocco for trying really hard with his handwriting.

Year 1 – Ryan for joining in class discussions and Annaiya for good writing.

Year 2 – Eryn for superb effort in Mathematics and Nilanth for consistently making the right choices and being helpful.

Year 3 – Jude and Jasper

Year 4 – Matthew for being a great communicator and writing a fantastic speech sandwich. Jacob for being a great communicator and trying hard with his handwriting.

Year 5 – Betsy received the Headmaster’s-award for Thoughtful behaviour towards her peers and Kindness. Kameron for Resilience and excellent work. Charlotte for Improvement in handwriting.

Year 6 – 6S Award Winners: Alicia- Outstanding Writing. Hope- Enthusiasm and Effort in all subjects. Joseph- Kindness and Support of Others. Ethan- Headteacher’s Award for Progress. Harry Weigh receiving a certificate for improved effort in class.


Forthcoming Virtual Parent Evenings 3rd and 5th November – further information to follow.

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