Elite Football Programme

The Elite Football Programme is about the joy of playing football, it’s about happy students developing at a game they love, it’s about them finding ways to continue playing whatever their level, and building on their dreams to help them with their next steps in life. We teach football to help shape young people’s lives for the better.

Our Elite Football Programme is an elite development programme for student athletes. Whatever their level or ambitions we work with students as people and challenge them as athletes. From mastering fundamentals to playing at the highest level we tailor our approach to each student.

Football had a massive impact on me and my involvement helped shape me as a person.

We develop the student by challenging the athlete.

We have had many players go on to represent their country and play at the highest levels of the professional game in the UK and abroad. Yet the true measure of success for us is that each student graduates from the programme as a better person than when they joined.

Our Director of Football Joseph Newson is dedicated to developing young people and helping them to succeed in life. The skills and approach that our Elite Football Programme students learn will stay with them long after they have graduated from Rossall. 

Come join us if you want to get better.

Mr NewsonDirector of Football

Programme Content

The Academic Programme 

Pupils in Year 7 to Year 13 are eligible for acceptance into the programme, for a minimum of one year. We encourage membership to be no fewer than two years, so that pupils have the opportunity to complete a formal academic qualification.

Rossall School offers courses in English as an Additional Language, (I)GCSES, A Levels, the International Baccalaureate Diploma, and a BTEC in Sport Level 3. We can put together personalised programmes of study suited to meet the needs of the individual.

The Football Programme

Whether you have already played in an academy, have aspirations to play professionally, or simply wish to develop your footballing ability, the programme is designed to develop players so that they can fulfil their potential. There are plenty of opportunities to progress at various levels within the sport.

Rossall has both a Junior (Years 10-11) and Senior (Years 12-13) programme. Both the Junior and Senior Programmes have five on field sessions and games a week along with 2 gym session too.

Rossall also has a Pre Junior Elite Programme (Years 7-9). Pupils in this age group will participate in three on field sessions and games per week along with one strength and conditioning session too.


Pupils will follow Fleetwood Town’s own academy programme for a full school year with their time divided between Rossall School and Fleetwood Town’s Poolfoot Farm Complex. 

All players on the programme will follow the FTFC club ethos which aims to ‘educate, develop and produce creative and dynamic players who are physically, technically and tactically astute’. 

Individual development will be regularly monitored & discussed with club scouts, the academy, and coaches. Individual learning programs and weekly player evaluations are put in place to ensure training is tailored to every player’s needs, and targets are set and reviewed regularly.

Sports Science

A comprehensive strength and conditioning programme is followed throughout the year, with each pupil provided with a tailor-made programme. Fleetwood Town’s sports scientists use the latest technology to continuously evaluate performance and assess levels of fitness. 

A chartered physiotherapist is available throughout the school year, and pupils are provided with detailed advice regarding nutrition, lifestyle and physical well-being.

Rossall School also has a dedicated physiotherapy area for pupils who require support with their development and well-being. Expert rehabilitation and treatment for all of our athletes is paramount for us to ensure that they all receive the right care in order to limit their time spent injured and help to aid their short and long-term recovery from injury. 

As a result of this, Rossall School has invested in a specialist Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre which will allow our specialist Physiotherapy and Sports Science staff to effectively treat and provide rehabilitation programmes for all players, in order they remain in optimum physical condition. 

Fixtures / Games Programme

The Elite Football Programme provides opportunities to compete both for Rossall School and Fleetwood Town in various competitions and different formats of the game including futsal. This ensures that all pupils get maximum exposure in competitive match situations.


The cost (excluding school fees) to join the Elite Football Programme is:

  • Senior Boys and Senior Girls: £5,000 per year / £1,667 per term
  • Junior Boys and Girls: £5,000 per year / £1,667 per term
  • Pre-Junior Boys and Pre-Junior Girls: £1,000 a year / £333 per term

The age range of pupils in the programme would be from Year 7 to 13.

A term’s notice is required to cancel a place in this programme.

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