Rossall School is now in a position to extend the scope of our ‘Changing Lives Foundation’. This initiative will ensure that we are able to provide an even greater number of bursaries and scholarships to children entering the School at the age of eleven (Year 7).

“It is quite right that private education is currently a source of much debate within the political landscape. You may be interested to know that 65% of our 670 pupils are drawn from the Fylde Coast and nearly half of these children benefit from means-tested bursaries. Many of our children have bursaries of up to 110% and these awards are often made for social reasons. Over 16% of our gross fee income is allocated to bursaries and scholarships and this is double the average for the independent sector. This is entirely planned as it is our intention to become means-blind to families on the Fylde Coast, though there is still some way to go to realise this ambition. 

The provision of bursaries for local children is just one way in which we support the local community. We believe in the transformative value of education and we know that some children undoubtedly benefit from smaller class sizes and a diverse curriculum. Similarly, we believe that our outstanding facilities and focus upon sporting excellence and creativity within the performing arts resonates well with many young people. As a school, we create no financial surplus and this is because we are determined to support as many local young people as possible.”

Mr Jeremy Quartermain

The Year 7 entrance examination will take place on Saturday 25th January.


Please complete the following application form:

If applying for a Sports Scholarship, please also complete the Sports Scholarship Section of the form.


Please include with the application

  • Registration fee of £50
  • Copies of your child’s/guardian’s school reports over the last two year period
  • A copy of your child’s/guardian’s passport or birth certificate
  • A personal statement*

Please send or email to the UK Registrar:

Mrs Gillian Leggett
Rossall School, Broadway, Fleetwood, FY7 8JW
[email protected]

Please note there is a cap on the number of places available

*Personal Statement – this should be handwritten on an A4 sheet of paper no more than two sides in length. You can include any details which you think will be of interest to the person assessing your application. For example, family; hobbies and interests; ambitions and the reason you would like to attend Rossall.