CCF Tour the HMS Prince of Wales

On Sunday 1st March, a party from Rossall CCF travelled to Liverpool where they were given a guided tour of the Royal Navy’s largest and latest aircraft carrier the HMS Prince of Wales.

The group consisted of Sgt Thierry Bilby, Sgt Stephan Bilby, Cpl Lara Bilgri, Cpl Tess Young and Cpl Harriet Clough accompanied by CFAV Lt Peter G Baldwin.

After passing through airport standard security, the group were escorted onboard by junior officers serving on the ship and who then led them through a warren of corridors visiting dining areas, the surgical and dental stations, engineering control room, and eventually finding themselves on the bridge where the Captain and his officers control the running of this behemoth of the oceans.

Next on the agenda was a photoshoot on the flight deck, the highlight being a picture taken on the top of the aircraft launching ramp.

The Cadets then made their way to the aircraft hangar, where the different departments onboard had stalls with members of the crew on hand to answer any questions the Cadets put to them.

Stephan Bilby said, “It was very interesting hearing about all the different jobs and activities that happen on the ship”, with Thierry Bilby adding, “I am personally considering a career in the armed forces, so talking to a number of different people like the sailors and pilots was very beneficial to me”.

If you would like to find out more about this visit, or other activities and experiences available through the Combined Cadet Force, please talk to any of the above Cadets.

Written by Year 12 Cadet, Thierry Bilby (Sgt)